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When you are bringing your child a to a lot of specialists, it is often difficult to keep track of all the details. Just like my IEP Organizer, I know the value of having a notebook with all medical information in one place. My Special Needs Parents Medical Records Notebook is the ideal way to gather this plethora of paperwork. It includes over 20 forms, pre-laid out tabs and extensive instructions.

The Medical Binder includes forms and tabs for:


  • Questions for the Doctor
  • Current Doctors
  • Appointment Schedule
  • Doctor Appointment Notes
  • Year at a Glance
  • Weekly Appointment Schedule
  • Patient Concerns

Current Health Info:

  • Medical Timeline
  • Healthcare Plan
  • Help/Caregiver Contacts
  • Current Medications
  • Previous Medications
  • Exercise/Activity Logs
  • GI Logs
  • Home Supports
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Patient Health Portal

Tests & Procedures

  • Lab Reports
  • Diagnostic Procedures Log
  • Diagnostic Tests


  • Community Resource Contacts
  • HIPPA information
  • Research and articles

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