Starting a new school year is a big chore for many teachers. They often have to create new curriculum and schools introduce new methodologies, and then of course all teachers get a new group of students. They may hear about your student from other teachers, but they may not know some key details about your child’s challenges or personality.

This is especially true if your child is in special education but in a mainstreamed classroom. Your child will come to class with an extra set of challenges, and not all teachers are keen enough to pick up on the subtle needs of these children who learn differently.

A “Get to Know Me” sheet is a fabulous way to 

I created an editable word file that lets you insert your own child’s information in an easy-to-read format.

The ‘Get to Know Me’ info sheet includes:
  • Name, age and grade
  • Photos
  • Child’s strengths
  • Where child needs extra help
  • What parents think teacher should know
  • What I love about school
  • Things I do for fun

It’s simple to download the Get to Know Me Student Sheet for $1.99 and adjust the information for your child. Then you can print copies for the teachers or other staff who work with your child.


Bonnie Landau
Bonnie Landau
Bonnie Landau is a licensed professional clinical counselor and educational consultant in Ventura County, California. Her goal is to help parents of neurodivergent individuals find strategies and solutions to help their children succeed in school and in life. Bonnie is also the author of Special Ed Mom Survival Guide: How to Prevail in the Special Education Process and Find Life-long Strategies for You and Your Child.