Testimonials from Parents & Professionals

I had no idea where to start, but Bonnie did.

Upon receiving a hard diagnosis from a psychologist about my daughter, one day I found myself on the other end of the phone with Bonnie. I credit Bonnie to not only instilling in me the hope that my daughter will one day be a happy and independent contributing member of society, but also because of her compassion, knowledge, professionalism and intelligence pointing me in me the direction of finding help for my daughter.

The thing that always stood out about my initial encounter with Bonnie is, that not only did she not know me from Adam, and had absolutely nothing to gain personally to field a call I made to the company she worked for at the time, I sensed her passion then for advocating not only for my daughter, but also for me. I had no idea where to start, but Bonnie did. I know of few people who, even if they do know their calling on their life, pursue it with their whole heart, tapping endless sources of energy that can only come from the conviction that they know they can make a difference in the lives of others.

Bonnie is one of those people whose wisdom and knowledge you know you can trust. I would call Bonnie a sort of clearinghouse for the mass amount of information out there on what diagnoses, services, therapies, learning tools your child may need. Barbara C.

Special Ed mom

Her gentle and comforting nature create a safe space for me…

I have known Bonnie for over a decade, and her tenacity with staying abreast of the latest research on child development, special needs and navigating special needs administration is unparalleled. Many times over the years she has been a supportive advocate with my own journey to assist my son with moderate-severe autism spectrum disorder.

Her gentle and comforting nature create a safe space for me to really dive in and be the best parent and caregiver I can be. Bonnie is extraordinary in her commitment to assisting individuals and families with special needs. Her compassionate heart shines through at every step of the way.

Whether one’s needs in these areas are light, moderate or extensive – Bonnie as an advocate and coach would be an immense asset. I am so grateful to her for all of her guidance and positive support! Thank you for cheering me on! Amy B.

Special Ed mom

An advocate and support like Bonnie is a necessity…

Bonnie is a level-headed, genuinely compassionate, fully invested and involved resource of sage wisdom and advocacy. There are not many people as uniquely experienced who can assist so effectively & personally as Bonnie. The special education process is often, sadly, beyond basic logic, reasoning and even professional medical experience. An advocate and support like Bonnie is a necessity to survive & thrive for families in this path. Jeanie S.

Special Ed mom

What makes Bonnie the perfect special education consultant and advocate? She brings multiple perspectives to the role of special education coach and advocate. As a parent, homeschooler, educator, school counselor, biomedical guru, reading specialist, auditory processing disorder specialist, and a connector of people from so many different modalities that come together to assist students (including your own children), she builds a bridge of understanding between parent, educator, and a system that struggles to understand how all of these pieces fit together.

Her empathy for students and parents is off the chart! She has cried with the best of us as we attempted to uncover that hidden nugget of information that would open the door to our child’s learning. She understands that people learn in different ways and many times need to be taught about how they learn. She has researched the biomedical implications of what was perceived as a learning disability, only to discover that the core roots where in genes. Then through her thorough researched she discovered those genes could be helped with proper supplementation and diet.

She have been the advocate for her children through the IEP process to complete success for her children. She saw the gifts in her own children that others did not see, and completely understood that both of her children learn differently. They have demonstrated continually to her that those gifts were hidden and she needed to locate them — and she  didn’t give up until she saw evidence of those gifts! Vickie Bockenkamp

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