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I am a special education advocate and educational consultant and the author of Special Ed Mom Survival Guide.

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What Parents & Professionals Say…

Bonnie is a connector of people from so many different modalities that come together to assist students, building a bridge of understanding between parent, educator, and a system that struggles to understand how all of these pieces fit together. Vickie Bockenkamp

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There are not many people as uniquely experienced who can assist so effectively and personally as Bonnie. The special education process is often, sadly, beyond basic logic and reasoning. An advocate like Bonnie is a necessity to survive and thrive for families in this path. Jeanie S.

Special Ed Mom

I credit Bonnie with instilling in me the HOPE that my daughter will one day be an independent, contributing member of society. Bonnie didn’t even know me at the time, yet I sensed her passion for advocating not only for my daughter, but also for me. Barbara C.

Special Ed Mom

Bonnie’s tenacity with staying abreast of the latest research on child development, special needs and navigating special needs administration is unparalleled. Whether one’s needs in these areas are light, moderate or extensive — Bonnie as an advocate and coach would be an immense asset. Amy B.

Special Ed Mom

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About Bonnie

My goal is to help you help your child. Whether you need a special ed advocate to help with school, or a parenting coach to help with home and outside solutions, I can help you find the best support for your child.

I am a special education advocate and educational consultant in Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County, California. I am also the author of Special Ed Mom Survival Guide, a comprehension guide to surviving and thriving the special education process.


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