Special Education, IEP & 504 Parent Support Group

Do you have all sorts of questions about special education? Have you looked for answers but cannot find them? Perhaps you cannot afford an advocate, but you still need support.

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I have created a private Facebook group to allow parents to come and ask questions and get support. This group is for you if you are looking for help getting special education support in the schools, advice on parenting a special needs child, or resources and therapies to help your child outside of school.

I created this group as a Q&A forum so parents will have an easier time handling difficult situations. Nobody in this group is an attorney, so you should not take anything shared here as legal advice. Always consult with an advocate or attorney in your area to confirm that the information is accurate.

The philosophy of this group is based off the book, Special Ed Mom Survival Guide. This philosophy acknowledges that the schools are suppose to help our children, but as parents there are many things we can do outside of school to help our children improve faster. We encourage parents to seek outside therapies, alternative diagnosis and to have hope that along with the schools, their child can improve.


Join the Facebook Group!