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Why Would School Give My Child the Wrong Diagnosis?

Q: The school has classified my 5-year-old son as autistic, but the only trait he displays is speech delay. He does have some sensory issues, but they aren't a huge deal in the school setting. He has been evaluated privately and they always say he doesn't qualify for...

Can the School Require Supervision on a Fieldtrip?

Q: I just got an email from my son's teacher saying he cannot go on the upcoming field trip unless I go with him. The teacher said they do not have somebody who can watch him, and since he often gets overstimulated or upset, he will need me there to keep him calm. Can...

Help Twice Exceptional Kids With Being Different

Q: My son is a junior in high school and struggles with significant depression and anger problems. He is gifted in math and goes to the city college for math classes, but he is still in resource class for language arts due to dyslexia.

Neurofeedback: Retrain Your Brain

After 15 months of neurofeedback I asked my son what was the best thing he got out of it. “I don’t have to move my body if I don’t want to,” was his reply. Before neurofeedback he couldn’t sit still for even 10 seconds

Do Colored Reading Filters Help?

Q: I read an article that talked about colored reading filters and how they can help our kiddos in school. Have you heard of these? Do they work?

How do I help my NT child?

Q: I was heartbroken today when my NT (neurotypical) son told me that he didn’t want to be in our family anymore because he doesn’t matter. He always has to take a second seat to our son with autism because, honestly, he just doesn’t need as much help. I feel like an awful mom because he is struggling in a different way. What can I do to support both my kids?

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