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The Ultimate IEP Binder Toolkit Printable

The Ultimate IEP Binder Toolkit
As we all know, the best advocacy can happen when we are super organized. I talk about this in my book, Special Ed Mom Survival Guide, in chapter 33, Track Everything and Stay Organized! Knowing what to keep track of, and how to organize it, is key to making sure you are on top of what your child is getting and what your child needs.

That is why I created The Ultimate IEP Binder Toolkit for Special Ed Parents. With 40 pages of forms, lists and information, this toolkit gives you all the pieces you need to stay organized! It even has pre-layed out pages for binder tabs, and cover and spine printouts for your notebook.

$4.99 per copy.

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55 Self-Care Strategies for Moms With Too Little Time
55 Self-Care Strategies for Moms
Only got 5 minutes? I’ve got 14 ways you can take care of yourself. Got 20 minutes, there are another 9 ways to pay attention to your need for rest. Depending how much time you have you can use this printable to remind you that you don’t need to have hours to things to make sure you are are priority in your life!

11 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Special Ed Advocate
When hiring a special education advocate, it is important to identify what you need help with. You also need to research each advocate to make sure she has the expertise in the learning challenges your child is faced with.

Disability Info Sheet
The school year is about to start and I know you are already feeling stress about sending your child back to school. You wonder if the teacher will be helpful and supportive, or mean and a problem. What I have found super helpful about starting the school year is to make an information sheet about your child’s disability.

Calming the Hyper Child
My Calming the Hyper Child printable is chock full of ideas for helping a child sit still easier. I have used all the techniques with children over the years, and they all help with calming and sitting still. The best part is most of them only take a few minutes to do, and they can have a really powerful effect on the kids.

Why the School Can’t (or Won’t) Help Your Child
This eBook sheds some light on why the schools so often seem to resist helping your child. It’s more than just finances. Getting to know the personality of your school district is key to making sure you have the right strategy to get to yes.

Also, there is KEY information the school is NOT ALLOWED to tell you that could be the one thing your child needs the most. Learn why you must take charge and find all the answers that your child needs.

Behavior Support Sheets
While working as a school counselor, I found the teachers would often turn to the counselors for help. Often the student did not have an IEP, and the teacher needed to put supports in place while waiting for that process to happen. As a parent, you can request using a support system like this. If your child has an IEP, you can even call an IEP meeting and ask to have it added to their plan. Using a behavior support sheet is a great way to help a student improve by focusing on one or two behaviors at a time. Read more about how to use these sheets >