Printable Poster: 12 Ways for Calming the Hyper Child


A printable poster version of this infographic to hang in the classroom or at home.

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12 Ways to Help Kids Calm Down InfographicsA 7″ x 17″ high resolution printable poster version of this infographic. Perfect to hang in the classroom or at home!

This infographic covers 4 areas to help with calming:

  1. Sensory input: Providing stimulation to the sensory system works the muscles and can have a calming effect for the whole body.
  2. Grounding: Simply another term for ‘knowing what the body is doing,’ grounding can be done anywhere in as little as 60 seconds. This has always been my go-to strategy when out in a public place. My card deck, Grounded for Life: 52 Exercises for Daily Grounding, makes it super simple to find the grounding techniques that are easiest for you.
  3. Crossing the Midline: This refers to exercises that cross the center of the body. These exercises activate the corpus collasum, the bundle of nerve fibers that connect the two sides of the brain. Doing this activates both sides of the brain, helping to integrate processing. Thinking with the whole brain create a calmer, more focused mind.
  4. Mindfulness: This is a popular technique that helps the child get in tune with what the mind is doing, and helping it find a more centered space.


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