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I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a fellow Karen Thomas, a fellow Special Ed Mom who has an online community called Naturally Healing Autism. Karen has a background in natural medicine, and when your son was diagnosed with autism, she used her knowledge to help him recover.

In this podcast I share how you know when you need to seek out special education for your child. I review the main steps parents have to take in order to get help from the schools. From requesting evaluations to taking steps when the school doesn’t respond, I cover the the path we each have to walk when getting help for our child.

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Parents Complete Guide to Advocacy Podcast

Steve Weed
Steve Weed
Steve is a professional mediator and father to two kids with IEPs. He is Bonnie's husband and contributed to her book, Special Ed Mom’s Survival Guide. While he is trained to facilitate conversations between people who disagree, as a parent involved on the front lines, he has cultivated many tips and processes that have helped navigate the IEP process.