Work with me!

You and I can work together to empower you and help your child.


IEP & 504 Advocacy

I can help you prepare for your meetings, review assessments, IEPs and 504s, and even attend in person.

Coaching & Support

Helping you and your child find ways to manage and thrive through the special education process.

Learning Assessments & Screenings

Specialized tools can help pinpoint areas of challenge so we can seek solutions to help the child succeed.

Special Ed Advocate

  • Consulting on the IEP & 504 process
  • Attending IEP & 504 meetings to advocate for the student
  • Teaching mom how to advocate

Coaching & Support

  • Parent Advocacy Coaching
  • Identifying Resource Needs & Referrals
  • Student Self-Advocacy Coaching
  • Social Skills classes
  • Free Parent Support Groups


  • Structures of Intellect (SOI) Evaluation
  • Retained Reflexes (Musgatova Method) screening
  • Meyers Briggs Personality Type in School
  • Irlen Screening

Don't Be Shy

Schedule an appointment for a consultation or screening.