Why the Schools Can't (or Won't) Help Your child

Do you want your child to exceed ALL expectations?

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How can I help you?

I need Coaching & Support

I need somebody to help me navigate the Special Ed process and figure out the best ways to help my child.

I want coaching!

I need a Special Ed Advocate!

The school is being uncooperative and I need someone to help my child get support in the classroom!

I want an advocate!

Uncover the Root of the Problem

I need help figuring out why my child is struggling so much and what I can do outside of school to help my child succeed.

I want to find solutions!

A neuropsychologist said our son would need group home care as an adult.

Now he is an Honor Student!!

   Bonnie Landau, Special Mom Advocate

My intuition told me she was wrong.  I ended up being right.

He is now 14, gifted, sociable and destined to have a typical life.

I know what it’s like to agonize over my child’s future. I know the tears that are shed, the frustrations with the school, and the late night prayers hoping that somebody will bring some much-needed help.

I also know the thrill of success when I finally figured out how to help my child not only improve, but EXCEL.

I can help you find that for YOUR child!

Together we can discover the underlying challenges, find solutions and get the right support to propel your child to success.

Start your journey NOW by downloading my FREE ebook. It will help you under why the schools can’t always help your child.

“I credit Bonnie with instilling in me the HOPE that my daughter will one day be an independent, contributing member of society. Bonnie has a passion for advocating, not only for my daughter, but also for me.”

~ Barbara C., Special Ed Mom

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