Special Ed Advocate Services

How I can help you get your child get proper support in school

My goal is to educate and empower YOU so you can advocate for your child and find lasting solutions for your child’s special education challenges.

IEP and 504 Consulting

As an educational coach and advocate, my goal is to help you develop an effective strategy for working with the schools so your child has optimum support for success. I believe schools and parents can work productively for the benefit of the student when everybody has the same vision of the goals, understands the child and respects the law.

I am here to help empower you to take charge of your child’s education so you are confident in your ability to participate in IEP or 504 meetings. Only then can you feel the right choices are being made to support your child in school. I can help you create a roadmap for:

  • Understanding parent’s rights and your child’s rights
  • Reviewing school records and assessments to develop recommendations for services
  • Assistance with drafting, modifying and refining IEP or 504 plans
  • Communicating with the school to ensure proper documentation
  • Planning and writing goals and accommodations
  • Identifying outside resources to support your child
  • Monitor implementation of IEP or 504 plan

Attend IEP, 504 and SST Meetings

The emotional aspects of special education can be overwhelming, so I can attend IEP, 504 and SST meetings to help facilitate the process and advocate for your child. My attendance at the meeting can also be part of your coaching process to help you learn how to interact with school personnel and when to step up and ask for what is not being offered. This service is available to specific school districts within Southern California due to travel restrictions.

I have over a decade of experience in the trenches of special education, both as a parent and as a counselor in the school systems.

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