Coaching & Support

I will help you manage the special ed process and find solutions for success

Parent Advocacy Techniques

Many districts train their employees on how to say no or avoid offering services. It is critical as a parent that you know how to respond to this behavior and what is involved in advocating for your child. Through review of previous meetings, role playing and educating about the process, I can coach you on how to be the optimum advocate for your child. Empowering yourself is the best route to leading your child to success!

Student Advocacy Coaching

I have developed a 12-week program to teach adolescents and teenagers how to self-advocate in the classroom. Through my work as a counselor in schools I found many kids did not even know what their IEP was about, let alone how to ask for the accommodations they deserved. Many teachers will not offer the accommodations unless a student asks. I will coach your child to teach them how to ask for the help they deserve.

Special Mom Support Groups

It amazes me how unaware the schools and family are of the toll special education takes on us moms. We need an unbiased, supportive environment to share our frustrations and encourage each other to keep trying. Throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, I host monthly support groups where moms can come together and find respite from the trials of the journey. Please contact me if you would like to find out if there is a group in your area.

Social Skills Classes

Utilizing the Social Thinking curriculum, I assist students in developing positive social skills for school, home and extracurricular activities. Many students in special education have difficulty picking up on the nuances of social relationships, and the Social Thinking curriculum has an excellent method for helping these students to catch up on this knowledge. I teach these classes in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties. Please contact me if you would like information on joining the class.

Identify Needs & Make Referrals

After talking to parents, reviewing screening results and meeting the student, I might determine that further investigation may be warranted for specific challenges. If that is the case, I will refer you to a specialist who will be able to provide a detailed exam or assessment and provide you with specific information on why your child is struggling.

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